August 23, 2014

Sims 3 Moon Size Mods by Simsl3gacies

For the Sims 3 moon version of the Majora’s Mask moon, I’d included a mod to increase the size of the moon. I received a few asks about it for different sizes, so I’ve uploaded a few flavors for you, including one smaller size, since I’ve seen at least one person say they wished the moon was smaller than its default size. 

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Soggy Bottom Island Lighting Default Replacement by Scones for Cream Tea

TrukFit V-Neck for Toddlers by KiaraRawks

Skysims 234 Hair for Males

Nightcrawler Retextures and Model Poses by AfterDusk Sims

Nordic Names by CountVlad

This is a mod designed with the Aurora Skies world in mind but doesn't require it.
Aurora skies has a Scandinavian theme and many of the Sims the world starts with have Scandinavian style names, so I thought it would be good for new sims to have Scandinavian sounding names as well.

Most of the names are names from Norway but there are a few names thrown in from Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland. There may also be a few from other countries as well but as I'm not from Scandinavia it's difficult for me to tell.

This won't change the names of any of the existing sims in your game but it will give new sims Scandinavian style names.

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Newsea Amor Hair for Females

Monte Vista's Buona Sera Dress Retextured by bellakenobi

Wondymoon's Krypton Kitchen

Mrs. Carter Bodysuits and Run The World Dress by Circa

No Autonomous Play In The Ocean (Also Includes Toddlers) by ForteSakura

I couldn't find any no autonomous mods that stopped sims from playing the ocean autonomously, so I created one. ^w^ Sims will no longer play in the ocean unless you direct them to. This also includes playing with toddlers in the ocean. You may see the command come up in the queue, but the game removes it immediately.

Note: This was built and tested with game version 1.67 and requires Island Paradise. This mod should work with previous game versions after Island Paradise.


Other mods will conflict if they also edit the following ITUN files:


Skysims 227 Hair for Females by Beaverhausen

Marine Style Dresses by Altea127

Hover board more fun and Less or No Clumsy Chance by christmas fear

This was requested back in the forums at Intrigued, I found the iTUN and modified the fun increase for using a hover board. The "clumsy fail" is the additional chance that a sim will fail to use the hoverboard if they have the clumsy trait. From what I can tell, the mod works as it should but please report anything to me if you have problems.

The default fun value is 2. I have a more fun package here (Increases the value to 10) that doesn't mess with the default clumsy failure chance.
Double fun increases the fun value to 20.
I have hover board fun, less clumsy (Hoverboard fun value: 10 and Clumsy value is 5%) and double the fun (Increases value to 20) with regular clumsy chance (Regular clumsy chance is 15%). And a package for Hoverboard double fun (20%) and less Clumsy 5%. Lastly, there's a package for double fun increase and no clumsy chance (0%)
If you want to request a flavor, please do so in the comments.

FF12 Gilgamesh Horns Redone by Murfeelee

Family Poses by Rusty Nail

Dresses by JenniSims

Dilapidated Kitchen Set by Choco & Lova

Wall Stencils by Armidi

No More Pets Clothes-Farewell, The Sims 3! by hgirl2k

This mod will not replace anything, just eliminate the CAS hair and accessories shown in the screenshots.

I would also like to keep making these hider mods, so if you would like another hider like this then please comment whatever you want in CAS to be hidden and I will try my best to make one for you!

You Broke My Heart Couple's Poses by Lenina_90