August 09, 2014

Royal Children's Hospital - UPDATED - 9th August 2014 1:22PM by RomerJon17

All Island Paradise’s Maternity Enabled Defaults by OneEuroMutt

Clothing for Females by Circa

Autonomous Fun In The Sun by icarus_allsorts

This is a script mod to allow and promote sims to snorkel, windsurf, go boating, relax on pool loungers and build sandcastles autonomously. Also sims can now rent boats for boating from mooring posts/boat trailers on community lots using a new custom interaction. Read below for more details.

6 Branches Columns and 2 Cacti TS2 to TS3 by Everlasting Garden

Designer Rugs by Sqquaresims

Coastal Love by Simberry

EP01 Egypt Textures & Roads by Cawster

Skysims 230 Hair for Females

Christian Louboutin GeoPumps Spiked PVC by MrAntonieddu

Shorty - Couple's Poses by Spladoum

Skysims 229 and Alesso Candle Retextures by Beaverhausen

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Wine Glasses and Scones Decor by Tamamaro