April 27, 2013

CoolSims 107 Hair for Females

Gradient Diesel Jeans Converted for Teens by Pixelated Zombies

New Paintings, Desk and Rugs by Everlasting Garden

Store Clothing with Pregnancy Morphs by Alima

Sim It Up Juliet Hair Converted for Females

New Rugs by Faellu

Beddler Bed & Breakfast by Christine

New Mods at Mod The Sims

Curfew Disabler by Sniper296 - Stay out late without being a criminal. more...

Reaction Changes for Miner - 10 Flavors by Mlle-Kohaku - Do you get annoyed with how your simmies react to the miner? Well look no further.

No/More chance of Tragic Clown when traveling via LLAMA- 3 flavors by Veraster - This is a simple mod that disables or increases the chance of getting the tragic clown moodlet.

More Realistic Smelting Prices (Multiple Flavours) by NoahFallon

More/Less Chance of Pet Pregnancy - 4 Flavors by snowygirl814 - Makes it so that your cats and dogs will get pregnant more or less! Comes with 20%, 40%, 80%, and...

No sprinkler sound mod - silent sprinklers! by perdita_x_dream - This is a mod that disables sound from the sprinklers in your Sims 3 garden.

Social Networking Skill for Computer/MultiTab by othiym28 - For those sims who do their social networking the old-fashioned way. On the computer.

Be Free 12 Posters by SimmySimSam

Magic Dragon House by JarkaD

Persimmon Tree by Amour

Owls Addiction 8 Tattoos by Amour

Florence Gale by Amoresims

Helluva Hacienda - Remake by Michael Clancy

Funny Guys T-Shirts for Males by Frani721

Peggy 58 & Newsea Amanda Retextures by ILTS

KFC & McDonald's Lots, Objects and Uniforms by Miss7