June 23, 2013

Nightcrawler 02 Hair for Females


New Boots for Teen - Adult Males & Females by Pixicat

Industrial Living Set by Simsontherope

Wood Pattern Set by Simlicious

Shapes of Cities Art Prints by Shannibobanni

Exo-M: Luhan by Jasumi

Skysims 122 Hair for Females

Subscriber only

New Shoes by Altea127

Sims3Time Building Challenge House

Mods by David Veiga

Bars Open 24 Hours / Updated for 1.55
Maid in Expedient Maximum / Updated for 1.55
More Guests to Party / Updated for 1.55
Get Flu Shot
No Cost in the Hospital / Updated for 1.55

Lapiz Night Spring Retextures by Beaverhausen

Sardë by Pet'ka

Nightcrawler 02 Retexture by FlavorPixels

Incense Booster by egureh

I really like the incenses from World Adventures, but the effects can only cover an enclosed room and it looks a little bit stupid placing incense in each room. So I made this mod to release the aroma and expand the effect range, now your sims could catch the buffs everywhere with just one set of incenses, even in the yard.

This mod needs World Adventures (EP1) and should be compatible with all patches.

Read more and download at

Couples Couch Poses by Fairsteadsims

New Hats and Shorts by Tankuz