April 21, 2014

Iron Throne by Sil Sharkie

Corner Living, Dining and Kitchen Sets by JomSims

Diamond Rings by BEO

Polo Shirt w/sleeves Rolled Up by Insvept

The Sims 3 Violence And Aggression by bella3lek4

This is a pure-script mod so it shouldn't conflict with any other mods , So it works with Nraas's mods , and my other mods [ Disasters & Blessings AND Awkward Moments & Humiliations ]

These interactions are not autonomous , So Sims will not randomly go around town hitting other sims without leading them to do that .

After performing any of the Violent interactions , the 2 sims will become enemies and will get certain buffs such as " Humiliated " for target sim , and " Calm " for actor sim .

Other sims around the the sim that performed a violent action will notice and will react according to their traits .

This mod contains new Custom Animations for each interaction .

You only need Base Game to install this mod

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Ellen Chair by Ronja

Skysims 201 Hair for Females

Stripe Pattern Set by Peacemaker ic

Ear Sliders by OneEuroMutt

Hermes Jumpsuit for Males by Miss7

Patterns by The77sims3

Sims by Sugarballoon

Woolen Wamers and Print Leggings for Toddlers by QuizicalGin

Savio, Rose and Raon Retextures by Chazy Bazzy

Colourful Canvas Paintings by Lovelydia101