July 24, 2014

About the content warning

I contacted Google earlier about the new content warning and it was about some of the skins on this blog.  So I am supposed to remove any posts/pictures showing the entire body.  I guess even if they're blurred or pixelated.  I don't know about underwear but that's probably next and maybe even swimwear will be offensive not too long from now.  I realize that some posts only have pictures that show the bodies so I had to revert them to drafts for now.  I will republish them and replace the pictures with the picture below after I finish removing all of the offensive Sim body pictures.

Update - all done :)

Unhooked Jacket - 2 Styles by Peacemaker ic

Alesso Wine Hair for Females

Futuristic Accessories for Males & Females by SimsStudio

Chanel July Clothing and Accessories Collection

Lipstick Jelly by Sintiklia

Grizzly Mountain Cabins - Resort and Prim Posy Coffeehouse by MySimRealty

Concrete Walls (technically paintings) by Lis0

Spiral Notepad by Fanny