July 05, 2013

Ilona Likes Ikea: The Kitchen by Sandy

Capital Sims Bad Wolf Hair for Males

Swimwear by Liegt

Horizon Outdoor Set by Simcredible Designs

Mommy's Heels for Tots by QuizicalGin

Minimarket Shoe Cut Out by Pixicat

Retro Patterns by Annej

Suit for Males by ReMaron

No Scales for Human Mermaids by LukeProduction

Farm Set by Ladesire

Cat Invasion Posters by Simfinitely

Elegante Monokini by ErysaM

Joel (The Last of Us) by Chobits

More/Less Resortstars! by Michaeltjuhh

Invisible Fairy Wings mod by Tremerion

I've used TS3 No Effects Modder by velocitygrass to make this mod.
This mod makes Fairy wings invisible. For all ages.
Now you can hide your Fae kind beetween normal sims.
There are 2 versions of this mod.
1: Wings are invisible in game time and in CAS
--> InvisibleFairyWings
2. Wings are visible in CAS.
 --> InvisibleFairyWingsCAS
It is perfect for setting the color of your Fairy's light.

Use only one version at a time!

Giada by Farfallesims

New Clothing for Females by Alice C.