August 07, 2014

Skysims 229 Hair for Females

Twigs n’ Stick Canopy Bed & Magical Bed Made Single Beds by Everlasting Garden

Last Venue of Amore

Long ago, there was a beautiful city built on the sands of a charming ocean shore.  Sims often said it was built upon the love and passion of all those who resided there.  If only they also had built on a stronger foundation than sand since much of the city was swept away with the tides.  Love still stands, however, amongst the waterways and awe-inspiring architecture of this: the Last Venue of Amore.

Magical Dress by MoonFairy

Base Game Compatible Elder Clothing by YvesSimLaurent

Kijiko Boyish Hair for Girls & Girlish Hair for Boys

Isla Kieruve by RisaStorm

Strathcona Pattern Set by Laude Studio

Geometric Planters by Marcussims91

Rabicano Markings Set by Eldervinefields

MarcusSims91's Roman Facade Set

Careers by MissyHissy

Shoes, Doll Socks and Boots by JenniSims

Rolling Home Shelf by Etheldis