November 30, 2010

Pin-Up & Band Posters by Gelydh

Download at Garden of Shadows

Slider Hack (Updated Patch v1.18.9) by aWT

This means, if you have another CORE mod like Awesomemod it will not work due to a conflict with UI.DLL.


* Increase the default range between Minimum and Maximum of the Fat/Muscle sliders;
* Increase the default range between Minimum and Maximum of other sliders;
* Increase the number of sliders available;

Read more and download at aWT's Stuff

XMS3-FloraHair029 & 030 for Females by Flora

Download at XM Sims

File names:

Aikea Guinea's edit here and Betty Boop's here

Allison Turners - Fingers by Missimis

Download at Missimis

New Paintings by Sharin

Download these and more at Sharin Sims

White Roof by Christine

Download at CC4Sims

New Paintings by Camille

Download at Camille's Blog

November 29, 2010

L'Elephant Rose by Baraques A simS

Download at Baraques A simS

New Patterns by Candilla

Download at Candilla Patterns

Chinese Set by Luo Chenchen and Susan

Download at Luo Chenchen's Blog or Susan's World

Christmas is Coming - Paintings by Bozena

Download at Sims District

Ladders by Blackbeauty583

Download at Beauty Sims - Registration required

Anto 87 Retexture by Robodl95

Download at Look it's a Plumbob Over My Head

File name:

Anto's version here

Jacob’s House: A FLW Usonian by Peacemaker ic

Download at Simsational Designs

Chayamachi safe control - Togainu no Chi Painting by Missimis

Download at Missimis

More Patterns by JarkaD

Download at JarkaD Sims 3 Blog