December 13, 2013

ung999's One Room Living - Bedroom

White Rose Manor by Blackbeauty583

Athem2310 Nero - Zauma Growl - Nightcrawler 07 & Newsea Abbie Retextures by Shock & Shame

Chikkadiisims Can’t Care Hair for Men

Lace and Drawstring Pajama Set With Bonus Shorts by NyGirl

Lipstick N29 by Tsminh_3

Tweety Pacifier by Quianna

Oasis Landing Suburb by Jack Wilson

Ivana Shoes by Altea127

Lunar with Fixes applied by ellacharmed

What is this?
This is the download with the resources from the Lunar Lakes resources download thread imported and uploaded as a .world file, in 2 multi-parts.
Game Help:Intermittent Freezeswiki
Game Help:World Routing Lagswiki

 What has been done?

Refer to the Map available in Game_Help:World_Routing_Lags/Wherewiki for the fixed spots. And the Resources thread linked above, just to see what I've done.


Heed that backup instructions in Game Help:World Routing Lagswiki, really! You've been warned!

If you care to continue any legacy games or Saves that you care about in the fixed version, use Twallan's Porter to transfer any Sims or Household you care about from your previous Saves.

 How to install?
If you don't already have the Lunar Lakes world installed, install it first.
Download all parts of the world, and rename them to get rid of the "MTS_ellacharmed_<numbers>_" portion. See Game Help:DFDD4 Download the File#Content with Multi-part fileswiki with pretty pictures.
Right-click on the file with "part1" in its name and "Extract here", or whatever command your program uses. See Game Help:DFDD5 Extract from Archive#Multi-part fileswiki with pretty pictures.
Place the extracted & joined .world file in this path and replace the default version. (You have backup, right?)

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New Rugs by Zx_Ta

Jetson Office Set by Souris

New Patterns by Simminglysimple

Denissa Collection by JomSims

Accessory Leggings by Saratella