December 16, 2010

Rose and NewSea Retextures by Lotus

Download at Lotus Sim's Journal

Newsea Freesia

File name:

Newsea's version here

Newsea Frizzy

File name:

Newsea's version here

Newsea Wild Soul

File names: 
NewSea-SIMS3-Accessory018_Gypsy Scarf

Newsea's version here

Rose Hair 60

File name: 

Rose's version here

Cake Headdress by Snake Legs

Download at Snake Legs

Sims 2 Converted and Resize by karaskaras

Set includes:  Wiseman statue, wood carving bear, fronds plant, hemnes square end table, hemnes square console, Ez living chair, poang living chair and quaint wall lighting.

 Download at Garden of Shadows

Eyeliner N2.1 Male & Female by Lemon Leaf

Download at Lemon Leaf's Sims Cafe

Belty Pants for Teen - Elder Females by arfmoo

Download at Garden of Shadows

Exit Signs by Simsideo

Download at Simsideo

3 Sets Deco Coasters by NewOne

Download at One Billion Pixels

New Bedding Set, Posters, Furniture and More by Ritsuka

Download at Garden of Shadows

Thanks, Anon:)

Short Nails for Teen - Elder Males & Females by Aikea Guinea

Download at Garden of Shadows

SiManhattan by SimFansDE

Download at SimsFans


Tree Pricing Overhaul by Shivar

Chinese Bamboo is some of the most sought after bamboo in the world, according to the in-game description. And yet it costs 200 simoleons? No. Now it costs 2,000.

This mod is intended for those of us who can never find anything to spend money on or work towards being able to afford. Those of us who play the game and get bored when we have too much money!

Tree prices are all overhauled to be anywhere from 5x to 10x their original price. I seriously doubt getting fully grown bamboo straight from china would cost the same as a boom box!

Read more and download at Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher

Snowy White by Slipslop

Download at Mod The Sims

Coconut Island 3.0 BETA Updated Dec 13 by IggyJD03

Download at Snooty Sims