June 17, 2014

Autaki's ST Shopping Town

Accessory Sweater by 2sanghaec

Versace Sunglasses by Gagastoresims

Bathe Animals Correctly (1.67) by Le Carrera

If you're like me, you like having pets in your game. If you're like me, you also hated the fact that Sims are utterly clueless about how to correctly bathe their furry friends, frequently resulting in relationship drops and negative moodlets! I got tired of this nonsense, so I came up with this simple little tuning mod to fix all of that.

Originally, you were always extremely likely to fail to bathe a cat (unless it had fleas, but even then there was still a chance to fail), and could also experience a "bad bath" situation for a dog with certain traits. This mod sets the chances of either of these things occurring to zero, making it so bathtime is now oh so much fun for everyone, and your Sims will always be able to give both cats and dogs a bath without any problems (no, really, I own cats in real life, and I can tell you first hand that bathing them is actually not so bad when it's done properly).

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Base Game Compatible 70’s 80’s 90’s Stuff Objects by Yvessimlaurent

Autumn Court by Ruby Red

Kijiko Burmese Resized by Re Maron

Harbor View Apartments by SIMplicity

V-Neck Pocket Shirt (2 Variations) by NyGirl

Hoodie Bomber Jacket by 2sanghaec

Cyclonesue's Disused Railyard

Charlotte Olympia Transparent Lace Shoes by MrAntonieddu

Floral Tees for Males by Sims3time

Versace Watch by Irida Sims

Framed Art Set by Thisishowiignorelife

Resident Evil 4 Lord Saddler Painting Conversion by Armidi

Kodama 2 Accessory by Fuyaya

New Outfit for Females by Anarchy Cat + Dianama