August 16, 2009

Three More Conversions at Garden Of Shadows

There's three new Coolsim and Peggy conversions by Winterine at Garden Of Shadows. All can be used on teen through elder. Some, or all of them were converted by Yagi Sims but they were for young adult only. Btw, the Newsea hair pictured is not included since it was already converted by Newsea.

File names:


All file names have been added

I finally finished adding the file names to every hair post. So if you have any that don't look right or you just don't want it anymore, just click the "hair" label, scroll down, open your packages folder and delete them. Again, this will make it much easier to remove hair files you don't want.

Now, get to cleaning:)

New Bedroom Set at Stylist Sims

You can download the Bed, Dresser, Plant, Blanket and Rug at Stylist Sims.

Useless Objects - Update: Added non-interact version