July 09, 2012

Pottery Barn Teen Bed by Sims in Spring

Download at Sims in Spring

V2 Carmod by Bloom

The mod:
-Place the car on a parkinglot
-Browse the wheels and pick one you like
-Move the wheel to the cars fender, it will autosnap to the correct position
-Browse the license plates and pick one you like
-Move the plate to the front/back bumper, it will autosnap to the correct position
The wheels and plates will stick to the car and animate with it, no matter wat.
When bored with either one then simply replace them.
Sims will check out both soon as you start playing.

Read more and download at Bloom's Base

Sea Yachts by Severinka

Download at Sims by Severinka

12 Wall Art by NewOne

Download at One Billion Pixels

1990 Chevrolet Camaro IROC Z by Understrech Imagination

Download at Understrech Imagination

Animals Patterns by Rabenbaeckchen

Download at Rabenbaeckchen

True Romance Pook'd and Deflowered by Traelia

Download at Traelia's Pose Place

Rings by Dasha Kirilova

Download at Dasha Kirilova

Newsea Thorn Birds Retextures by Lotus

Download at Lotus's Journal

Other versions

New Mods at Mod The Sims

Clubbing in the Daytime!-Bar hours tuning mod by paksetti - Longer bar/lounge/club hours in 3 flavors.

Plasma renamed as Blood by Laxley - A tweak that changes 'Plasma' to 'Blood', for the unashamed vampire.

Faster Limos by Sgloomi - The Limo goes faster.

*Updated 9/7* Evening School by Cherry92 - Adults missed school life a lot! Finally the town is going to open new classes for adults!

Flitz Bedroom Set by JomSims

Download at JomSims

Studded Leather Jacket by NyGirl

Download at NyGirl Sims

Shoes with Spikes by Glaza

Download at All by Glaza

Bonsai Trees by Bloom

Download at Bloom's Base

Glossy Lipstick by Glaza

Download at All by Glaza

New Clothing by AMS

Download at Living The Life Sims 3