July 14, 2011

New Living Room Set by Heidi and Dining/Decor Set by Bau

Set includes:  four mirrors, acrylic console with 22 slots, 3 dining chairs/stools, shallow bowl with 5 slots, hunk of quartz, "C" table with 19 slots, shallow bowl for wall and floor lamp.

Download at b5 Studio

Intimate Outerwear Collection - Princess Dress by Greennoodle

Download at Imaginarium of Green

New Patterns by Kate

Download at Parsimonious

Monk/Nun Part-time Career by Lily__XD

Download at Mod The Sims

Following Summer Paintings by Bozena

Download at Mod The Sims 3 by Bozena

TS3 Animator 4 by rothn

Download at Mod The Sims

Indian Sari Set for Adult Females by Irink@a

Download at Irink@a