September 22, 2011

Create A Pet Demo

PLEASE read the comments before installing this.  There's lots of problems with saved games and Sims3packs being reported.  There's more about this at Crinrict's blog - Original German - Translated to English

Create your dream pet
Here's your chance to design the perfect companion. The Sims™ 3 Pets Create a Pet Demo lets you customize your pet, give it unique personality traits, and share your creations on The Sims 3 Exchange** – for FREE!

More pets, more fun.
Create tons of unique pets. Dogs, cats, and even horses. Tailor their traits.
Intelligent, brave, or friendly – you determine the personality of your pet.

Customize their look.
Fur color to eye color, coat markings to body shape, fine-tune every detail of your pet's appearance.

Share your pets online.
Connect and show off creations with the world via The Sims 3 Exchange.**

Star Of The Sky by Amy

Download at Amy's Dream Garden

CoolSims Hair 93 for Females by Anto

Download at Cool Sims

File name:

Gen Tunic (Generations Outfit Edited) by Juliana

Download at Juliana's Corner

Pose Set 9 by Pammie

Download at Studio Star Girls

Crawling Under Your Skin - Outdoor Lighting by WOE

Download at The Land Of WOE

Boots (Tall and Short) by Withered Lilies

Download at Withered Lilies

Thanks, Mariarita:)

Plaisirs d'Antan by Guardgian

Download at Khany Sims

Denim Skirt by Shelby

Download at Shelby's Sims Stuff

Generations Dresser and Armoire Minus Stencils by Hatbox83

Download at Poking The Sun With Your Fingers

Sims Medieval Paintings by Simalia

Download at Stuff for Sims 3

Colonial Windows by Souris

Download at Khany Sims

Simdiana Land by Guardgian

Download at Khany Sims