October 18, 2011

New Top for Adult Males by Rusty Nail

Download at Rusty Nail

Alice's Tea Time by Amy

Download at Amy's Dream Garden

Graham's Pet Swap Shop

This pet store was also available with the Iams set but I couldn't download it until now.  Anyway, it's in the free items in your Purchase History

Villa BÉLINE and Villa Adeline by JarkaD

Download these Houses and more at JarkaD Sims 3 Blog

Patterns by Pilar39mx

Download at Pilar39mx

Skull and Roses Long Shirt for Adult Females by Jessica_Lou

Download at Simply Me

Kid's Patterns by Helen

Download at Helen-Sims

So what do you think of Pets?

I was really excited to install Pets and did with no problems.  But the new problems didn't leave much time to play, so all I've basically done with the game so far is start it up, create a couple of my real pets, add them to my household and save and quit.  The reason I didn't get a chance to play yet is because of the (as everyone already knows) new broken content issue.  Instead, I spent hours removing any and all custom surfaces and doors.  So much fun...

Anyway, here's the loading screen for the new world. 

An anonymous poster suggested I  make a post where people could list what CC is not working for them anymore and I suppose you could do that here.  I was going to make a new tab for that but Blogger has not fixed the issue.

New TS3 Patch and Existing Custom content

Moe Cat Set by Newsea

Download at Newsea

IAMS Pet Starter Kit

Start your pet on the right track today! - Free when you register Pets

Do you love your pets? Yes? Well we do too! So do our friends at Iams! That's why they've put together a wonderful starter kit for you and your new pet to enjoy together! Show your pet how much you love them by giving them the gift of their very own Iams dog house, pet bowl, ergonomic pet bed, smart chew toy, Iams pet Food and your very own vet certificate!

 I AM Healthy inside + out, that's Iams motto and should be yours too! Keep your pet healthy and strong with Iams! You can find the right product for your pet at Iams.com! Make your pet an Iams pet today.

New Lots by MacKat

Download at Pink Rabbit

Sommerhus ved Bedding Strand

City Hall & Movie Theater

Sunset Valley Business Complex

Small Graveyard

Danish Church

Pacio Bedroom Set by Beryl

Set includes:  Bed, End Table, Painting, Table Lamp and Vanity/Desk.

Download at La Buhardilla de Beryl

Jack O Lantern Table Lamp by The Ninth Wave

Download at The Ninth Wave Sims

Stockings by Astra

Download at Astra Sims 3