November 10, 2013

Freddie Mercury by MamyRocker

Old Floor Tiles Set by Noirdark

Studious Girl Top And Toasty Punk Jacket for Teens by QuizicalGin

M1ssduo Dope Hair for Males & Females

Mid-Century Pieces vol.1 - Desk & Coffee Table by Monsoon

Freddie Mustache by MamyRocker

Cherry Dining Set by Ronja

MJ95's Madlen Teramo Shoes

Military Jackets by The77sim3

Shawl Collar Jacket for Adult Males by Peacemaker ic

Newsea Counting Stars Retexture by Everlasting Garden

Skysims 159 Hair for Females

Marvel's Heroes Patterns by Gergana

New Clothing for Males by Infisim

Gepetto’s Workshop Toy Shop and Consignment by Caterpillarsims

Wings Canvas Hair for Males & Females

Male Right Studded Armband by MamyRocker

Photographer Poses by Ginara

These and more

Accessory Cigarettes by The77sim3