December 24, 2013

Winter Breeze Coat for Adult Females by Simplicaz

Tito Dreads by Hellfrozeover

The77sims3 MYV Hair for Males

Mega Color 3D Eyelashes Low Poly Version with 8 variants by Sintiklia

One Shoulder Wrap Dress by NyGirl

Eyebrows and Pores by Mademoiselle Barbara

Moon Boots for Males & Females by Pixicat

Sims 3 MMD Get Lucky Animations by Umpa

New Blush by Tifa

Candy Land Table, Chairs and Decor by JenniSims

Cazy Rosanna and Skysims 170 Retextures by Adhiiith

Raon 29 Retextures by Ctenid

New Accessories by Shatsai

This and more 

Christmas Patterns by Abigail