July 16, 2011

Mini Fences - Shrunken EA Base Game fences by Traelia

Download at Leefish

Thanks, Daluved1:)

Shiftable Fog Emitter - Suitable for use in lots for upload by whiterider

As you might have guessed if you've seen my profile, I'm a mediocre lot builder and I've never even attempted a world. I am, though, a constant #create lurker, and so I've been exposed to the woes of builders - particularly the lovely Bakafox - trying to place effects above ground level using the Amb fog emitter. In a shining example of the power of accidental collaboration, I went and ticked a couple of boxes in S3PE. I'm now told that this tiny little tweak is exceedingly useful, and so I hope other builders will benefit from it too!

How does it work?
This is a simple override of the OBJD for the Ambitions fog emitter (fogEmitter 319E4F1D:18000000:0000000000989ED8) to make it shiftable. The result of this is that emitters can be placed at any height, and can also be "stacked" over one another.

Read more and download at Mod The Sims

Silveria - Desert Paradise by Delry

Download at Delry's Blog

The Modular Dance Set by Simcredible Designs

Set includes: Simple shelf, cube shelf, wall shelves, stackable shelves, 2 frames, large frame, vinyl records, vintage stereo, paintings, pouf, plant and table lamp.

Download at Simcredible Designs

Messina Coffee Tables by Sailfindragon

Download at SailfinSims

Kids Stuff! A set of bright and cheery paintings by Hatbox83

Download at Poking The Sun With Your Fingers

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New Dress for Girls by Sims In Spring

Download at Sims In Spring

Lace Curtains by PauleanR

Download at PauleanR

Thanks, lp:)

New Tattoo by Hatbox83

Download at Poking The Sun With Your Fingers

New Tops for Adult Males by Re Maron

Download at R2M Creations

Pregno Dining Set by Clio

Download at Clio Sims3