January 28, 2013

AweSims St Claire – A world for The Sims 3 – Updated for Seasons & Supernatural

Download at AweSims

Original Here

Floral Kiss by Rusty Nail

Download at Rusty Nail

Retro Baby Carriage by Cloudwalker Sims

Download at Cloudwalker Sims

Lithium Coat by Chris Jocker

Download at Jocker Sims 3

Maid's Dress by Sakura

Download at Sakura Sims

Newsea Chuck Hair for Males & Females

Download at Newsea Sims - Donation

All Ages

Ragtime In The Big Easy Denecklaced by Sunpi

Download at Queen Pudding

Raon 38 Retextures and Hair Color Palet # 6 by Eternila

Download at Eternila's Stuff

Other versions

Hair Colors

Lamb Rug by Veritas

Download at ProSims

Small Garden by Moni

Download at Arda

Route 66 - Tattoo Pack by Massive Griefers

Download at Massive Griefers

No Autonomous Fill Pet Bowl (updated for Supernatural) by Nona Mena

Download at Simlogical

Sims 3 MMD Sweet Devil Animations by Umpa

Download at Umpa Blog

Lapiz Lazuli Night Springs Retexture by Bring Me Victory

Download at Bring Me Victory

Other versions