June 26, 2013

Break Free Showtime Top without Glasses by Shokoninio

Skeletal Screams' Hijab Accessorized by Procrasimnation

More Clothing for Females by NyGirl

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Set - 8 TS2 to TS3 Conversions by Everlasting Garden

Denim Sherri Dress by ErysaM

Retro Modern End Table by Pocci

Summertime Fun - A Playsuit for Adult Females by Simplicaz

Captain's Hat by Dasha Kirilova

Butterflysims 81 Hair for Females


3 Summer Sundresses by NyGirl

Island Paradise Beach Cover Outfit Separated as Top by QuizicalGin

No (or More) Sea Life Attacks by Scarlet

Eliminate or increase Sea Life attacks (for those of you that want to torture your poor Sims lol). This includes attacks from Sharks and Kraken.

Kraken 1% Base Chance plus added bonuses
Shark 5% Base Chance plus added bonuses

Flavors - Choose only ONE
No Sea Life Attacks
0% Chance for attacks with no bonus chances

More Sea Life Attacks
50% Chance for attacks plus default bonuses

Unlimited Sea Life
100% Chance for attacks

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Antique Art Sweaters by Modernloversims

New Shoes by Irink@a

Rugs by Mabra

Perfect Honey and No Auto Clean the Hive by egureh

My sims got a lot stings and attackings but no perfect honey or beeswax, and one of my sims has neat trait, he and his butler and his maid kept attempting to clean the hive without smoking the bees out and finally got a red crystal, which made me irritated. So I made this mod to improve the hive and stop these stupid sims.

EA Default
The hive produces 1 honey per 12 simhours.
You have 60% chance to get 1 beeswax (same quality) when harvesting 1 honey.
The bees are getting hungry and dirty by time, which will lead to a dropping of their happiness without being taken care of.
Smoking will decrease the hunger level to 75% and the happiness level to 85% for a while.
Perfect honey and perfect beeswax are produced only when the happiness of bees is above 97 points.
Hives on residential lots have a starting happiness of 50 points, while on community lots it will never go below 72 points.
(I don't list those I didn't modify, for more details of the beekeeping you could click here:

Read more and download at

New Patterns by Annej

Karol by Moon333