June 09, 2010

My Buddy Sarah by Claeric

Download at Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher

More Patterns by Sydney

Click the pictures for download page:)

Three Wallpapers by Syren

Download at Garden of Shadows

Inventor's Depot by -Shady-

Download at Mod The Sims

Modern Living Room Set by Astra - 15 Meshes

Download at Astra Sims3

Translucent Creatures Photographs Set

Download at Rudrakali's Sparkling Designs

Savio's Raon 70 Conversion ~ Pooklet'd by Anubis360

Download at Anubis Under The Sun

File name: Anubis360_Raon 70_S3_TF-EF_Savio

Savio's version here Rusty Nail's version here

New Clothing for Adult Females by Glamurita84

Download at Just Sims 2

As seen on page 1 and ready to wear page 1

Medieval Dungeon Museum and More by Demonic

All of Demonic's items from Sims Lulamai are now at D&M Creations so if you wanted any of this and couldn't register or whatever, it is now available at the new site.

Thanks, Demonic:)

Functional Nectar Barrels by Nandonalt

Download at Mod The Sims

More Patterns by Sydney

Download at Sydney Grey's Sims 3 Blog

Mystery cabin by ilona

Download at Sims District

Lace Turtle With Some More Belts

Download at Sunday Sims

Ginkgo - New House at Sims 3 Modern Houses

Download at Sims 3 Modern Houses