July 07, 2014

Kitchen Counters and Cabinets by Dara

Books as a Functional Bookshelf by Everlasting Garden

Subway Pass Objects and Poses by F&L Club

1 - 2

Summermeade Cottage by Ruth Kay

Gas Mask by CSitaly

Nectar Glass Replacement by icarus_allsorts

Mod Description

This mod replaces the default glasses Sims drink Nectar from with the round bar glasses from Late Night/Island Paradise which was the closest thing I could find existing in the game to wine glasses. Also instead of just being a dull clear colorless liquid nectar served with this mod can now come in a variety of colors depending on the fruits used in it.

Male Vampire Upper Suit by Lonelyboy

Necklace and Earrings by NataliS

Skysims 222 Hair for Females

The Skylight Modern by HarleyQuinn

Newsea Lola Edit/Retextures by Nigalkins

Teethy Mouth Color by OneEuroMutt

Hair Retextures by WickedSims

Vintage Menu Boards by Lena

Poses by Pixeljackpot