September 30, 2009

Altered Music Stations mod by Shimrod101

Download this mod at Mod The Sims

More from Sims.miXei

More stuff at Sims.miXei. This time I posted a few direct links since some can't figure out the site. Anyway, a lot more stuff so here's The Sims 3 menu page if you want to look around. Just click on the link on the left of the object to go to the download page.

These S2 to S3 decorative objects here

Rose 79 by Savio

Savio has added another hair for females. You can download and see more pictures at Savio's blog. Be sure to read what he has to say.

File name: Rose79-TYAAE-F_Savio-1.1b

Gregory Gorham Paintings by Desdren

Download at Desdren Sims 3 Paintings

September 29, 2009

13 New Hair Retextures by Missbonbon

Missbonbon has added 13 new retextures at Garden Of Shadows. If you want any of these and have the original/other versions then be sure to remove them. All file names for these and links to other versions/file names have been added above each hair to make things easier:)

The original first one is donation and can be found at Peggy Zone
File name: Missbonbon_Peggyfh0022_sexysidewayspony

And this one is donation, so here
File name: Missbonbon_peggyfh0027_headpoof

The original is from TSR - so remove with the launcher
File name: Missbonbon_Ulkerhair001

This one can be found here
File name: Missbonbon_Savio_Clippedpigs

This one can be found
File name:

This one is donation so here
File name:

This one here
File name:

This was a donation so
go here
File name:

This one here
File name:

Donation - here
File name:

Donation - here
File name:

This one is here
File name:

This one here
File name:

Some Halloween Accessories

Download the horns, tail and hat at 4th Impact/SnakeLegs

PleasantView Recreation by Hraklis943

Download this neighborhood at Mod The Sims. Be sure to download all parts and read the instructions.

Thank you, Hraklis:)

Mucha Painting Set II by Martine

Download at Mod The Sims

Converted Earrings by Rockermonkey

Download this at Garden Of Shadows - be sure to read what the creator has to say:)

Another Hair at 4thImpact/SnakeLegs

Download this hair for females at 4thImpact/SnakeLegs. It is available for toddler through elder.

File names:


Not So Pearly Teeth! by sammann89

Download at Mod The Sims

The Mediterranean V.2 by bmertens65

Download at The Sims Resource

Veral Dining Room by sim_man123 |

Download at The Sims Resource

French Country Farm House by ruthless_kk

Download at Mod The Sims