September 21, 2014

21 Patterns by IMHO

Set The Table & Call To Meal by icarus_allsorts

Mod Description

This a script mod that replaces the "Call To Meal" interaction on group servings with a custom version that has the performing sim set the table with individual portions of food BEFORE summoning sims to eat.

Just click on any group serving of food and use the Call To Meal... interaction which now allows you to manually choose the sims you want to be dining. The sim will pick up the group serving, go to the closest table(s)/surface(s) best accommodating all the sims and automagically serve individual portions, one for each sim at the available seats at the surface. The selected sims will then come and dine at the table, each at their own individual spot, which is hopefully a better method than having them all swarm to the same group serving to grab a plate all at once like they would have originally.

Better Bathroom Tweaks by Montigo Legacy

Originally I just wanted to tune the all-in-one bathroom from IP. It was annoying how often it broke but it costs the most! I was real annoyed when sims block it after exiting and preventing others from use it. But I felt there was more to do with other bathroom items so I gave it go.

What this tuning mod will do:

When exiting, sims will move 4 slots away from the all-in-one.
All sims will wash their nasty hands after using the toilet/urinal.
All sims will flush when done.
Hand washing is quicker.
Brushing teeth is quicker.
Submarine Adventures in the tub are quicker.
Less puddles.
All toilets (including the Uber Toilet from the store), sinks, showers & tubs are less breaky. Items can go 14 days without breaking.
All toilet & sinks, showers & tubs repairs time was shorten to 10 minutes.
All toilets & sinks, showers & tubs upgrade time was shorten to 20 mins.

Weathered Patterns by Murfeelee

Mid Century Bungalow by Hellfrozeover

Hair Retextures by ChazyBazzy

Dress for Females by Butterflysims


Little Freezer Bunny Island by Rflong7/13