April 26, 2014

Etoile Isabel Marant Top and Pants by Rusty Nail

Cazy Midnight Wish Hair for Females

Lace Parasol by PauleanR

Charlie Brown Sweaters by Shokoninio

Scarf Around Wrist by The77sims3

Colorful Cozy Boathouse by Marandile

Jean Dress by Altea127

Newsea Lavender Hair for Females

Framed Modern Oil Paintings by Lovelydia101

Wedding Dress 30 by BEO

Riccinumbers' Urban Loft Kitchen

Shepard N7 Hoodie: Mass Effect 3 by Thecnih

Necklace with Clock by Dasha Kirilova

Starbucks & Hardy's Wine Bar by Gardenof

Work Dress by Metens

Lucienne a Fairy Sim by Marandile

Vampire Tweaker MIX by Tremerion

Here is my Mix for Vampire Tweaker by fer456.
By mix I mean I have mixed my mods into his EPIC mod.
There are 3 versions, each with 2 version option.
All credit goes to fer456 :)

Shade Dress and Boots by Bukovka