December 14, 2011

New Living and Dining Sets by Mango-Sims

Download at Mango-Sims

Ye Olde Kingdom of Pudding - Residential Lots by The Merrye Makers

Download at Mod The Sims

Perfect to Me Nursery Prints by Deelightful Delights

Download at Deelightful Delights

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Game Update for 1.29

To install this update, please start your game and use the “Updates” tab in your Launcher.

This game update includes the following changes:

Pets Updates
  • When adopting a dog, you will now be shown whether the dog is a Little Dog or a Large Dog.
  • You will now be warned that your Pet cannot have both the Immunity and Vomit Machine Lifetime Rewards at the same time .
  • Knock down wall sound effects properly play now .
  • Camera will now properly display entire pet body when using Randomize to switch between Small and Large dog bodies in Create a Pet .
  • Fixed several translation errors, typos, and general text issues for in-game text.
  • Fixed the pre-set patterns for an adult horse saddle .
  • The Disable Autonomy for a Selected Sim option now persists across multiple game sessions .
  • Text for the Memory of a Bird Dying no longer refers to the Sim as dying .
  • The Locate Prey interaction is now available on the ground as well as the cat .
  • Chased Mailman is now properly set as a Memory .
  • Attend Riding Class interaction now displays proper icon .
  • The Chase Someone wish now displays the proper icons .
  • Have First Kiss Ever Wish now properly displays icon .
  • Horse Granola can no longer be sold at the Grocery Store .
  • Read A Book About Riding Wish now displays proper icon .
  • Added several Child trait animations .
  • Fixed issue found when players go to the Main Menu while the horse is jumping an obstacle .
  • Fixed issue where Clueless Sims would unnecessarily dismount and unsaddle their horse .
  • Route failure while Galloping Around or Going for a Ride on a Horse have been significantly reduced .
Read more at The Sims 3

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Also there's this about the new patch at Sims VIP.  Thanks, Anon:)

1.29 Patch Triggers In-Game Advertising/Purchasing

I did patch my game and haven't tried it out yet but did notice this new folder below in my my Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Featured Items folder right after patching.

And this picture from Sims VIP of the in-game advertising

Wood Patterns by Anulaa89

Download at The Sims 3 World

Natalie Foster and Ethan Winston by NergoElle

Download at NergoElle Sims3

Floriana by armiel

Download at Mod The Sims

Pine Lake Bedroom Collection

Download at Sim Control - Registration required

Christmas Decor by Astra

Download at Astra Sims3

Ye Olde Kingdom of Pudding - Medieval Armoury Part 1 by The Merrye Makers

Download at Mod The Sims

Volkswagen Bus - The Mystery Machine by xdarkshadowx

Download at Mod The Sims

Freckles Part 2 by Vasilla

Download at Vasilla

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