February 28, 2010


Just added some new categories, so browsing will be a bit easier. If you have any suggestions it's easy enough to label, so let me know. Of course, you can always find these in the drop down category thing to the right:)

The new categories are....

ZERO BASE by Armonia

Download at Garden of Shadows

The container by Lhonna

Download at SimsDistrict

New painting by Tutka

Download at SimsDistrict

Russian style rugs and wall plates by Lady Venera

Download at Lady Venera

Sleeping Fields Grass and Wheat by Aikea Guinea

Download at Club Crimsyn

You take the breath right out of me- New non-replacement skin tone by Missbonbon

Download at Garden Of Shadows

Shoes & Glasses - Nerdy Accessories for Kids by Helaene

Download at Helaene

Reese Witherspoon by JAKINCOL

Download at Mod The Sims

New rabbithole recolors in tudor style (spa, bistro, bookstore and grocery) by Alopex

Download at Mod The Sims

New Paintings at the Sims Planet

Download at the Sims Planet

Sims by FuryRed

Download at FuryRed Sims

New Patterns at The Sims Planet

Download at The Sims Planet