September 23, 2009

3 New Retextures by Missbonbon

Missbonbon has added these retextures, you can download them here.

The first one was also converted here, the second one here and the third one here. So check them out and see which ones you prefer. I can't wait to try them, so thanks, MissBonBon:)

File name: Missbonbon_afmanhairmesh026

File name: Missbonbon_RustyNails_Roan70

File name: Missbonbon_NextorToerres_Mohawkconv

A couple shots from my game below

CoolSims Hair 31 by skeletalscreams at Garden Of Shadows

There's a new hair at Garden Of Shadows. I won't be able to play the game until later, so I'm not sure what ages it's for. Anyway, Download it there.

File name: Hair31

Shots from my game below. I think lighter colors look best with this one.

Peggy 5542 - Juice 119 by Savio

Savio has added another hair at his blog. This was also converted a while ago and some....a lot were not happy about the texture, coloring, etc. If you downloaded it and want to replace it with this one then go here to get the file name.

File name: Peggy5542-Juice119_Savio-1.0

Patternable/ Recolorable Decorative Plates and Custom Patterns

Download these plates and patterns by BabaYaga at Mod The Sims

Ye Olde Window aka Colonial Windows II by HugeLunatic at MTS

New Painting at Nando Sims