November 15, 2013

Kewai-Dou Annie V3 Hair for Females

Contacts N12 by Eruwen

More Shop Signs by Sandy

Norton Bay by Crimsonium

Butterflysims 107 Retexture by Beaverhausen

Wild Wild West - TS3CC Community Project

Accessories by NataliS

This and more

In My Heart Top for Females by Simplicaz

Jimmy Choo by Irida Sims

Grunge Concrete Walls by Noirndark

Infisim Nappy High Top for Males

Body Birthmarks & Freckles by Liegt

New Mods at Mod The Sims

Cheaper/Normal/More Expensive Boarding School by Gaffney - I decided a while back to make a mod for cheaper boarding school, and I thought to myself "why don't I make a more expensive version of this and upload it to MTS", so here it is

No Autonomous Create Sculpture by NF_Dan_96 - What this mod does - A simple tuning mod to disable autonomy of the "Sculpt" action on the Pedestrian Sculpting Station from the Ambitions expansion.

Breezy Excursion Sweatshirts by YaYa Simblr

Stardust by Guardgian

Sweetness Top for Toddler by Quianna

Striped Walls by Blonde Chaos