July 28, 2011

Victorian Walls by Christine

Download at CC4Sims

Pose Pack 1 : Thick As Thieves by alistair

Download at Garden of Shadows

Thanks, Mango:)

Slider Hack (Patch v1.24.3 Compatible) by #aWT


Increase the default range between Minimum and Maximum of Facial Sliders;
Increase the maximum number of sliders available;

Installing the Hack
If you are unsure where to put .package files, read this article.

Crashing problems
Make sure you are using the new folder path, otherwise you need d3dx9_31.dll at your Game folder.
Read this article at ModTheSims if you want more details on where to install.
Also, make sure you don't have other core mods that replace UI.DLL, like Awesomemod.

build v1.22.9+:
Default version is now CASBasics compatible version.
I've discontinued to release the LAYO to increase range of maximum Fat/Muscle as I am currently working on a tool to automate the process.

Some people seem to have problem with this version, while it works fine for others.
While I have no idea why, as its working for some and other not.
This patch is not doing its job to update all games, it might be the cause of incompatibility.
Please, verify your versions or reapply the patches.

Download at #aWT

NewSea Physical Retextures by Lotus

Download at Lotus's Simming Stuff

Newsea version here

Thanks, Anon:)

File names:

s3hq (HQ Modification Helper) v1.0.0.0

Description: Application created to suppress patch-compatibility updates of HQ Modification;
The application will affect The Sims 3 GraphicsRules file for the original mod purposes.
Objective: Allow easy toggle between |enable/disable| |limit sizes| over the referring mod.

- Texture Size Multiplier 512px or 256px;
- Switching the Texture Size Multiplier will allow different Texture Sizes to be set;
- While 256px is not something I consider "significative" change, might help with the usage for some users.

Instead of having to rewrite a bunch of files everytime a patch comes out, this will, hopefully, be able to patch the GraphicRules from now on.
If you like the tools of this project, you can write a review of it or simply click "Like" on the project review page.

Read more and download at #aWT

New and Updated Patterns by Peacemaker ic

Download at Simsational Designs

s3sr (Scripter) v0.0.9.3092 by #aWT

Description: Process batch operations on the game packages through a Custom Script.
Objective: Export a Game resource(s) from The Sims 3 to another package altering its default attributes.
Custom Extension: (*.s3sr), allows easy running of script operations along with the tool.

This is a "complex" tool, if you are unfamiliar with resource editing avoid this.
It is recommended, however, only use it in case someone provides you an already written script file for it.

DO NOT share the output package of your script created with this tool.
It breaks the purpose of this application, in case of structure changes on resource(s).

Read more and download at #aWT

Loose Tunic Top by daluved1

Download at Mod The Sims

Builder Stuff by Buzzler

Supported for game version 1.24 aka code version

Fix for the MakeNPCDoor Build/Buy Interaction
Ever noticed how you can't set a door to be an NPC door, unless both of its sides are inside a room or at least fenced in (which is the same actually)? Well, that's a bug. This mod fixes it. You can now set doors to be NPC doors even if they're directly facing the great outdoors.

Shell Sound Emitter
This mod, that is actually a scripted object, can emit the sound effects from shells aka high rises. Buy it in the BuyDebug category and then select the shell it shall copy the sound effects from and in which height the sound shall play. Remember: Hold Shift and Ctrl and then left-click on the object in build/buy mode to use build/buy interactions.

Autoroof Disabler
This mod disables Autoroof by default and make sure it stays off.

Build/Buy Restriction Choker
This mod makes community objects available on residential lots and vice versa.

Instead of typing 'RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings', you can now simply type 'rbb'. Use it just the same way as the original cheat.

Read more and download at Mod The Sims

Superhero Suits for everyone by guidion

Download at Mod The Sims