March 22, 2011

Moar Interactions by Buzzler

Download at Mod The Sims

Supported for game version 1.19/2.14/3.10/4.7/5.5/6.2/7.0 aka code version

scope of this mod
This mod is a compilation of interactions that are either entirely new or altered/fixed EAxian interactions. The latter one is done by replacing the original interactions.


The Sims Medieval Now Available

The Sims go back in time and get medieval!  

The Sims™ Medieval takes The Sims into the Middle Ages with all new features, new graphics and new ways to play. For the first time, players can create heroes, venture on quests, and build up a kingdom. In an ancient land of adventure, drama and romance, players will be able to get medieval like never before.


• A living world of Sims in an age of adventure, drama, and romance
• Enhanced graphics, lighting, animations, and more lifelike Sims
• Create heroes, build up their skills and send them on epic quests
• Quests drive your kingdom’s story - Good or evil, cruel or kind, romantic or warlike
• Kingdom Ambitions – Choose a ambitious goal for your kingdom and work to achieve it. Will you kingdom be the most wealthy, most enlightened, a conqueror or a peacemaker? The choice is yours.

The Sims Medieval Trailer

Shivar has posted these HQ shots and more at his blog

And this shot and another at Leefish

Paintings by Guijo Bo

Download at Guijo Bo

Benjamin & Beatrice Benton - the neighbourhood's friendly seniors! by mira_moone

Download at Mod The Sims

New Swimwear for Adult Females by Pyszny17

Download at Pyszny Design

CC4Sims Updates

Download at CC4Sims

New Mods at Mod The Sims

Kylie's No "No Interactions Available" Mod by Winterhart - This mods hides the "No Interactions Available" pop up - also available at Winterhart's Sims 3

Inventor's Workbench fix for Bridgeport by dividingbyzero - A small tuning mod to enable Simbot-building interactions on Inventors Workbenches in Bridgeport

Zeleste Kitchen by Beryl

Set includes: Assistant Shelves (16 slots), Bowls, Chair, Counter, Counter Deco 1, Counter Deco 2, Fruit Bowl, Kitchen Utensils, Knife Rack, Plate 1, Plate 2, and Table

Download at La Buhardilla de Beryl

Teen Dress by Watermelon

Download at Watermelon Field

Trish - Devil May Cry 4 by Slipslop

Download at Mod The Sims

ayyuff's Circle Patterns

Download at The Sims Resource - Free