December 09, 2009

New Things by Parsimonious

New decorative orbs, patterns and another lot.

Download at Parsimonious

Regalo de Victorian - A Gift for Christmas by Brighten11

Download at Mod The Sims

New Paintings by Iwonek

Download at Sims District

Vintage Books for TS3 by Aikea Guinea

Download at Garden Of Shadows

Glasses Conversion by Infusorian

Download at Infusorian's Blog

NewSea YU29F Bliss - Update by Savio

This hair has been updated at Savio's Stuff

The first version can be found here - donation version by Newsea

File name: NewSea-YU29.Bliss_TF-EF_Savio-2.0c

New Things by LaLunaRossa

Download the paintings, rugs and pattern at LaLunaRossa

Oepu's Clothing Now Available in Sims3Pack

Go to Oepu's Sims Downloads

Mountain View Park by Romy

Download at Colour Sims

Parsimonious Updates

Download at Parsimonious

New Patterns by Amamatite

Download at El Refugio De Amamatite