August 27, 2010

Update your 3rd generation Prius today!

Introducing the 3rd generation Prius, where Man's wants and Nature's needs agree. Using the wind, the sun and advanced hybrid technology, Prius finds balance between technology and the natural order of things. Surprise your Sims today with the 3rd generation Prius. Take your Sims for a ride around Sunset Valley in their new car. Download the 3rd generation Prius for your Sims today!

Now your Sims can be environmentally conscience and reduce their bills with the new Toyota Eco Pack. Download the Toyota Prius, Windmill, Solar Panels, and all new plant life today!Animated vehicle. Actual model will vary.  - The Sims 3 -

His and Her’s Starters by Anjubee

Download at Simulating Anju

Walls 10 by Loverdag

Download at Loverdag's Weird Sims

Pure eyes : big pack! - DF & NDF ~ by Flajko UPDATED Aug 27

These have been updated so I moved them up.

Download at Lady Frontbum

Rain Michaels by SaffronLane

Download at GCS Presents

Door Panels by Pilar39mx

Download at Pilar39mx Sims

NOTICE from Pilar39mx:

In a Dedicated site to put updates of blogs and Web Dedicated to the creation of customized content , someone said That my download are infected with the doll as much controversy That Caused months ago.I want to Clarify this point Since the false and unfound send Accusations by a person hiding in the anonymity dog harm my site and my reputation .
That the user The download files are totally free of "the damn doll " (as I am Called to him ' ) Since They never state in the game , Being this the only way of Which They Became infected case in the assumption That in my game Was the doll . Sims3pack in Which They Are Those That download is the TSRW packaging. The Forced question would be: How They Can Be Infected ?
Anyway i please to invite you to check my files Before installing my contents in your game , They analyze them with the program Sims3PackCleaner by Delphy in Mod The Sims so That You Do Not Have Any Doubt That They left are totally clean.
The House That I Have in download with the program are Analyzed and Mentioned Before They Do not have the doll

Outdoor Set #2 by Syren

Download at The 13th Sim

Nyarai Dumisani by Kittehbomb

Download at Kittehbomb's Sims

New Tops for Adult Males & Females by Loverdag

Download at Loverdag's Weird Sims

Tops for Teen & Adult Males & Females by Yautjagirl

Download at Yautjagirl Asylum

Makeup and Eyes by Hua A kong

Download at Nature Sims

One Track Mind - Another wall by Emmies

Download at Emmies One Track Mind