February 23, 2011

Help with a mod???

I got this email from Winterhart and thought I'd post it here to see if anyone could help out one of her readers.  If so you can email Winterhart at winterhartsims3@gmail.com. 

I got the following request on my website, Winterhart's Sims 3, from the mother of an autistic child. I don't know if it is even possible.
Rather than send Bethnell all over the place ( she's gotten enough of a run around from EA) I am asking anyone I can think of for help with this.

If you know of anyone who might be able to help with this please contact me here: winterhartsims3@gmail.com

Thank you for your time.

Jeannie Bucher aka Winterhart
About the mod
Hi there. I am asking this for my autistic daughter named Kylie. She does not like when the words "no interactions available" pop up when she clicks on an area that has no interactions. For her, just not clicking on an area isn't an option. Just the fact that there is the chance that those words may come up creates extreme anxiety to the point of tears. We have called EA and are always told to go to the forums but we haven't gotten any responses. I am not computer savvy and have no idea how to create a mod to remove these words from the game. I'm reading through MTS and it seems they have very specific guidelines and I can't find anything related to this subject. Your post seemed like the only person who is willing to try something like this if it's even possible to do. If you don't do mods like this, is there anyone that you know of that does this type of modification? Thanks for your time.


  1. I have not tested this in-game, but this is a simple string table edit that changes the text in question to "..." (text strings cannot be left blank).


    If it doesn't work (I used an outdated tool which sometimes does and sometimes doesn't work properly) someone with better experience with STBLs will be able to provide a fix in no time.

  2. Alternatively, install NRaas' debugenabler. The reason I didnt test my file in game is because, quite frankly, I couldn't find anything in-game that produced that string of text! Why? Anything I clicked, even walls, had "NRaas" as a clickable option. I am pretty sure that it adds it to every single thing you can click on in the game.

  3. ^ Yeah, I always get "NRaas" too, never "no interactions available". That's really a simple fix.

  4. What a sweet request - and a common sense one too ;) I think she'll need a MOD which only fixes this one issue though, because altering other familiar game behavior may be scary for a girl with her specific challenges.

  5. Here's the link to Nraas' debug enabler mod: http://www.the-isz.com/nraas/index.php?PHPSESSID=d3dd155b898d1281bc290a18ef12a32f&topic=324.0

  6. I was going to suggest the Nraas Master Controller but the Debug Enabler is basically the same. Hope it works out for Kylie.

  7. Shivar I have Nraas's mods and I still get the no interactions available now and again. I would not recommend any of the above mods, because as you well know these mods handled wrong can mess up the game,which I think in turn would cause Kylie more upset.

  8. A mod editing a text string is not going to mess up your game if you know how to put it in game.

  9. Nobody said a mod editing a text string would mess up the game. The issue was that Shivar could not test it because the mods he uses interfere with that text string anyway by adding options. I agree that it would be much safer to just change the text string to "..." because it does simply what Kylie needs - eliminate the chances of seeing that line of text pop up ingame.

  10. I think its really lovely that everyones trying to help kylie and her mother, from me, thankyou everyone.

  11. I think it depends upon the reason for the upset. If the string of text "alone" is the reason for the upset, eliminating the chance of seeing it by removing it is the solution. If, otoh, Kylie is upset and frustrated by the lack of control, the inability to make choices and or make actions happen, the debugenabler is the better option.

    That said...onto to addressing Winterhart's request and Joe who shared it. At the risk of sounding all "Hallmark cardy" this post stopped me in my tracks. I have always approached technology from a distance. It is something I "use" devoid of any personal or emotional connection. But this, well, this example of how technology can also be real life in the making just blows me away. The "how wonderful is this" feeling is going to follow me around forever. You have my deepest gratitude for making my day-week-month-year by sharing this.

  12. Aww, I hope Kylie can get things sorted out! It's so nice of you guys to help her out :)

  13. "The issue was that Shivar could not test it because the mods he uses interfere with that text string anyway by adding options."

    That issue was not raised.

  14. this is really adorable.

    I'm hoping that this issue gets fixed, and that her daughter can enjoy simming for quite some time without any other hitches.

  15. I'm just curious, but is her daughter even old enough to be playing this game?

    I ask because I remember someone on MTS saying she has a five-year old autistic daughter and she was using the Sims to teach her certain things and was getting upset because she didn't want certain "themes" to be put into the game. She shouldn't have been using a game rated Teen to teach her daughter anything if she was going to complain about anything in it, so that's why I ask. I'm not even sure if it's the same person.

    Now if her autistic daughter is old enough to be playing the game, then that's a different story.

  16. Dear Anonymous,

    What does it matter how old her child is? If the mother is being a parent, and watching the child it shouldn't matter.

    Evidently the mother sees fit that this game is okay for her child. The only issue for the mother is the "No available interactions" due to her child and stress related occurrences.

    Thanks for being a fan!


    Now, on topic. As others have mentioned before. The mother could try Nraas, but warn her to update the mods with each update and to wait a few days. Cause if the child get the updated game and the mods are outdated the "No available interactions" will show back up. Also Shivar's mod would be acceptable as well, but hopefully the "..." will work.

  17. Seriously Peggy troll? You really think this is the right place for you?!

  18. oh noes the internet police are going to crash in your door and take your child away to internet jail if you let them use a software that the GUIDELINES suggest they should not use without a parent's permission.

    OH NOES. Hayd yo' kids.

  19. I brought it up not as a "won't someone think of the children?!" complaint, but because I get tired of people wanting to childproof this game.

    Take for instance someone who tried to lecture Katsu the other week because he said something they didn't think was appropriate for the "children" who play this game and read this blog. Children who are under the Teen rating should not be playing this game, period. No one should have to censor themselves and EA shouldn't have to make the game less fun to pander to people this game was not designed for anyway.

    Of course, this isn't what this mother wanted, but I did have to wonder if she was the same mother who said she had an autistic child who played the game and didn't want certain themes in the game because of her child.

  20. Hope this works out, this is really cool and I hope the daughter is able to enjoy the game. I'm glad there are people out there willing to help, you guys are awesome.

  21. To the anon post from February 23 at 10:01, I'd just like to say I agree. Being raised in a sheltered environment is not good for social skills later in life, it's a huge hindrance. I would know. Conversations get awkward really fast.

    Sorry for double posting.

  22. I actually work with severely autistic adults and adults with dual diagnoses. I am happy to find that this game is entertaining enough for a person with autism to pay attention to for any amount of time.
    You really are willing to try anything to reach that person on any level. I hope they find resolution to this. I know how an autistic person can really fixate on something and it can cause real dramatic behavioral results.
    Happy Simming.

  23. Children who are under the Teen rating should not be playing this game, period. No one should have to censor themselves and EA shouldn't have to make the game less fun to pander to people this game was not designed for anyway.

    BS. The teen rating is not a law, it's in place as a guideline for parents. If a parent is monitoring and feels this game is acceptable, that's up to them. You can't on one hand bitch about parents not parenting their children and on the other presume to do it for them.

    I haven't noticed EA attempting to pander to anyone over age groups. If a parent wants to mod the game to make it acceptable, I cannot see anything wrong with that - that's on them.

    I am tired to death of the whole nonsense of ordering other parents to do something a certain way. Nectar? Really? That's a reason a younger kid can't play the game to you? "Woohoo"? Is that it - two unseeable figures giggling and making noises?

    You never drink or kiss your partner around kids? Do you really think that's healthy?

    I mean, there you go if you do - it's up to you. I don't let my kid play things I haven't checked out, but I have yet to run into anything in an unmodded Sims game (because I DO remember the porn content available before for previous sims games) that an otherwise fairly mature young person couldn't handle. This game is "Teen" because different parents have different comfort levels, as do their children, not because it's going to turn a normal, well adjusted kid whose family are not teetotaling Frigidaires into some kind of alcoholic pervert.

    And honestly - it's not up to you to make that choice for my kid. It's up to me. I appreciate game guidelines because they help me filter, but it's still up to me, I still need to check games out regardless. And movies. And books - because I'm the parent. Maybe I'll let my kid play the Sims, but I won't let her play Dora because I don't want her to learn improper Spanish.

    It's up to me. And it's up to the parent of this child, too. You don't have any grounds to judge it - this isn't GTA for pete's sake.

  24. ^ Good LORD, Fender... give it a rest. -_-

  25. Lmao. Uh yeah that was the longest, most pointless rant I've ever seen on here.

    Anyway, I'm really glad to hear Kylie got the help she needed! It's indeed touching to know there are such kind people in this community.